What does a Precious Blood Mission look like?

A Precious Blood Parish Mission includes three distinct phases: preparation, celebration, and follow-up.


A parish mission planning team gathers at least four time to help prepare the mission using a detailed planning manual to assist them as they make decisions about how the mission or retreat will be celebrated in their parish.

The preaching team—consisting of one priest, one sister and/or one lay preacher — who arrive the day before the mission or retreat in order to meet with the parish mission planning team to go ever any last minute details.


Each celebration begins with song, followed by a liturgy of the Word. One of the preachers shares a reflection and then invites those present to share their ideas with those seated around them. Finally, there is some kind of a ritual that reinforces the theme of the celebration. Sometimes, the parish invites people to stay afterward for a brief reception.


Parishes are encouraged to design some kind of follow-up, such as forming small faith sharing groups that gather to reflect on the gospel for the coming week together.

The follow-up might also include inviting participants to join in some kind of outreach to the poor or marginalized.