How soon do we need to contact Precious Blood Parish Missions if we want to schedule a mission or retreat?

Parishes should contact Precious Blood Parish Missions at least six months before they schedule mission or retreat.

How much does it cost?

A Parish Mission costs $1,750 if there are three preachers. Three preachers are only needed if the parish chooses to celebrate a Children's Liturgy of the Word during each of the celebrations.

A Parish Mission or a weekend Retreat costs $1,250 since there are only two preachers.

The parish also covers travel costs and room and board for the preachers during the Mission or Retreat.

Checks should be made out to Society of the Precious Blood and mailed to: Precious Blood Parish Missions, 2860 US Route 127, Celina. OH 45822.

What does the Parish Planning Team do?

The Parish Planning Team usually consists of a member of the Parish Staff and half a dozen or more volunteers who look at the outlines of the various celebrations, choose suitable music for each celebration, provides the necessary items and ministers to assist with each of the celebrations. A list of the items and persons needed can be found in the planning manual for the Mission or Retreat.

When will we get the Parish Planning Manual?

The Parish Planning Manual and other resources will be made available electronically once the mission or retreat is scheduled and confirmed with Precious Blood Parish Missions.

How do we know who will be on the Preaching Team?

The director of Precious Blood Parish Missions will not confirm anything until he has a team assembled, which he will do as soon as possible after the Parish has contacted him and confirmed the dates for the Mission or Retreat. One of the preachers will then be in contact with the Parish contact person to answer any questions that may arise during the planning process.